About Us

The Company

We harvest waste and make it an accessible resource for sustainable production

Circula Recoon is a young startup company that aims to be at the forefront of helping Filipinos transition towards a zero-landfill future and a stable circular economy, where what is currently considered waste will become accessible valuable resources for sustainable production.

Our Product

Trash Panda is an app for booking collection of recoverable waste. Through our Trash Panda app, you can book recoverable waste collection services for collecting segregated recyclable waste, track the collector’s location and route towards the collection point, and earn cashback from direct sale of collected items to recycling facilities. Trash Panda is currently only available for select areas within Metro Manila and Rizal Province in the Philippines.

Meet the Team

Marie Sapuay

Co-founder and CEO

Previously a software engineer at Nokia, her current practice is now as a consultant for solid waste management. She holds an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and a postgraduate diploma in Urban and Regional Planning, both from the University of the Philippines. She was also recently nominated for membership to the Phi Kappa Phi International Honor Society.

Francis Dimalanta

Co-founder and COO

An architect by profession who is actively involved as a consultant for sustainable urban development. He holds an undergraduate degree in Architecture from a small university in Pangasinan, and a postgraduate diploma in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of the Philippines.

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