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Towards a
Zero-Landfill Future

See what Trash Panda can do to your waste, because waste does not have to be waste permanently.

How to Use the Trash Panda app

Download the Trash Panda app

Log-in your account, or sign-up for an account.

Book a collection.

Trash Panda will inform you where your waste will go.

You can possibly also receive cashback from the recyclers.

Choose your preferred date of collection.

Fill out the booking form.

Be ready with your clean and segregated recyclable waste on the scheduled collection day!

Wait for the collector to arrive on your preferred date.

You will receive reminders before and on the day of your scheduled pick-up via your provided contact details.

The collector will weigh and record the recyclable waste upon arrival. Info will be reflected on the app.

Note: Trash Panda collectors reserve the right to refuse the collection of items not cleaned and prepared as instructed.

Create New Habits

Your lifestyle diary tracks your regular waste management habits. Monitor your progress towards becoming a more environmentally-conscious citizen.

Bring Trash Panda to your community

Inspire your neighbors and friends to join you. Together, you can make a bigger environmental impact.

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